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A copy of HOKEY POKEY signed by author Lisa Wheeler

Donated by: Lisa Wheeler

I adore this book. Not only is it silly and adorable and generally made of awesome, but every time I read it to my kids, we have an excuse to do the hokey pokey. Now if only Lisa would write a story about a walrus that wants to do the Thriller dance, only his tusks keep getting in the way. Then we'd have an excuse to do the Thriller dance too.

You reading this, Lisa? PLEASE DO THIS.

Prize details:
The winner will receive a signed hardcover of HOKEY POKEY by Lisa Wheeler.

Cushion the porcupine and Barb the hedgehog, the adorable pair from "Porcupining: A Prickly Love Story," are back for another adventure. Barb loves to dance, but Cushion has two left feet, and usually ends up prickling someone with his quills. How will he ever learn to dance? Full color.

About Lisa Wheeler:

Like Mouse and Mole in ONE DARK NIGHT, Lisa lived in a 'wee little house' in Michigan for sixteen years. The three children who were raised in that wee little house are adults now. Lisa and her husband, Glen, are very proud of their "three little monkeys" and how they grew.

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