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A critique of a MG, PB, or verse novel from author Caroline Starr Rose

I think there's nothing that Caroline Starr Rose can't do. Do you have a MG novel that needs whipped into shape? Taking a stab at a book in verse? Need to whip that pesky PB into shape? Supercaroline is here! She'll help you beat your manuscript into shape. However, I cannot guarantee that she'll wear a cape while she does it. Sorry.

Prize details:
The winner will receive a critique of 10 pages of a MG or verse novel or a full picture book from author Caroline Starr Rose.

About Caroline Starr Rose:
I spent my childhood in the deserts of Saudi Arabia and New Mexico, camping at the Red Sea in one and eating red chile in the other. As a girl I danced ballet, raced through books about Laura Ingalls, Anne Shirley, Ramona Quimby, and Taran the Pig Boy, put on magic shows in a homemade cape, and wrote poetry on a hand-me-down typewriter. Our house was open to all kinds of people, and family dinners often included exchange students, folks down on their luck, missionaries, or friends passing through.

At fifteen, I moved to Australia as an exchange student, where I camped in the Outback, climbed Ayers Rock, held a koala, and got bitten by an emu. My Vegemite advice? Spread it thinly on buttered toast.

I’ve taught both social studies and English in New Mexico, Florida, Virginia, and Louisiana, working to instill in my students a passion for books, the freedom to experiment with words, and a curiosity about the past.

Now back in Albuquerque with my husband and two sons, I write full-time about kids, snickerdoodles, emus (the non-biting kind), and bayous, hoping to honor childhood through the stories I create.

This item will close for bids on July 25th at noon EST.


  1. A critique from a woman whose book got blurbed by Karen Cushman? Yes please!


  2. $25

    aveile at

  3. Congrats, Aveile on winning such a great prize! This item is now closed!


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