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A picture book critique by author Jean Reidy

People think that picture books are easy, because there aren't many words. But as a former poet, I know the truth--it's actually MORE difficult, not less. You can afford to be distracted by the zombie apocalypse while writing a novel--one clunky sentence isn't going to ruin the whole thing. But in a picture book, where every word counts? Get it into shape with the help of picture book author Jean Reidy.

Prize details:
The winner will receive a critique of a completed picture book manuscript from author Jean Reidy.

About Jean Reidy:
Jean Reidy has been told that a naughty little kid lurks somewhere inside her - and she takes that as a high compliment. She writes from her home in Greenwood Village, Colorado where she lives with her husband, Mike. She has four children and hordes of nieces and nephews who provide her endless inspiration. In addition to her books for children, Jean's articles have appeared in over fifty publications.

Jean is the author of picture books TOO PURPLEY! and TOO PICKLEY! (signed copies of which are being auctioned off here) and the forthcoming TOO PRINCESSY and LIGHT UP THE NIGHT.

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