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A signed copy of MEMENTO NORA by Angie Smibert plus a 10 page OR query and synopsis critique

Donated by: Angie Smibert

I loved MEMENTO NORA for a lot of reasons, one of which is because there are references to one of the best television shows in the history of the world--Ninja Warrior. It's a quick, fast paced, action filled read that would be a great summer pick for a reluctant reader. And the graphic novel tie in makes it a good pick for budding artists too.

So place a bid on this signed copy. You'll also get a critique from author Angie Smibert--your choice of a 10 page manuscript critique OR a query and synopsis critique. With her science background, Angie would be especially great at tackling your dystopian or science fiction, although knowing her, she'd be great at ANYTHING.

Prize details:
The winner will receive a signed copy of MEMENTO NORA plus a 10 page YA manuscript critique OR a query and synopsis critique.

In Nora’s world you don’t have to put up with nightmares. Nora goes with her mother to TFC–a Therapeutic Forgetting Clinic. There, she can describe her horrible memory and take the pill that will erase it. But at TFC, a chance encounter with a mysterious guy changes Nora’s life. She doesn’t take the pill. And when Nora learns the memory her mother has chosen to forget, she realizes that someone needs to remember. With newfound friends Micah and Winter, Nora makes a comic book of their memories called Memento. It’s an instant hit, but it sets off a dangerous chain of events. Will Nora, Micah, and Winter be forced to take the Big Pill that will erase their memories forever?

Angie Smibert’s remarkable debut novel takes readers on a thrilling ride through shadowy world where corporations secretly rule–and wish you’d just keep shopping.

About Angie Smibert:

I was born in Blacksburg, a once sleepy college town in the mountains of Southwest Virginia. I grew up thinking I wanted to be a veterinarian; organic chemistry had other ideas. But I always had stories in my head. Eventually, after a few degrees and few cool jobs—including a 10-year stint at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center—I wrote some of those stories down.

I’ve published many short stories, for both adults and teens. You can also catch me blogging as part of the LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY WRITERS ( every Thursday.

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