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Signed early reader science pack (THE SUMMER SOLSTICE and THE MYSTERIOUS UNIVERSE) by author Ellen Jackson

Donated by: Ellen Jackson

Future mad scientists of the world, pay attention! Up for grabs is a pair of signed books by author Ellen Jackson that would be perfect for the budding elementary scientist. Learn about summer solstice traditions and make your own sundial. Follow the High-Z Supernova Search Team as they search through outer space. These books are good for your BRAINS!

Prize details:
The winner will receive signed hardcovers of THE SUMMER SOLSTICE and THE MYSTERIOUS UNIVERSE by Ellen Jackson.

From ancient times to the present, people have found many ways to express their thankfulness for the sun's gift of warmth and light. THE SUMMER SOLSTICE depicts the mysterious rites of the Egyptians, the tales of fairies and selkies, the modern parades and baseball games--all part of the fun and folklore of this happy time.

The summer solstice is the longest day of the year, a time when the sun is at its highest point in the sky. The summer solstice marks the first official day of summer.

Travel to the corners of the universe with Ellen Jackson and Nic Bishop as they follow Dr. Alex Fillippenko and his High-Z Supernova Search Team to Mauna Kea volcano in Hawaii. There they study space phenomena and look for supernovae, dying stars that explode with the power of billions of hydrogen bombs. Dr. Fillippenko looks for black holes—areas in space with such a strong gravitational pull that no matter or energy can escape from them—with his robotic telescope. And they study the effects of dark energy, the mysterious force that scientists believe is pushing the universe apart, causing its constant and accelerating expansion.

About Ellen Jackson:
Ellen grew up as a middle child, sandwiched between two brothers--Michael Jackson (no, not that one) and David Jackson (older, wiser, and unfortunately stronger) and a very disturbed cocker spaniel. Now she's an award-winning author who lives in California, about a block from a very nice (and often deserted) beach. She has one very smart husband, two talented step-children, and one cute dog.

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