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A signed, personalized copy of ATTACK OF THE VAMPIRE WEENIES by David Lubar

Donated by: David Lubar

I think David Lubar is a comedic genius. His weenie books are one of the funniest things I've ever read, and I may or may not have borrowed one out of my son's room while he was at school so I could finish it. So, if you've got an older elementary student/middle schooler who likes to laugh, or if like me you still have the sense of humor of a kid and secretly think the word "weenie" is kinda funny, you need this book.

Prize details:
The winner will receive a signed, personalized hardcover of ATTACK OF THE VAMPIRE WEENIES by David Lubar.


A boy steals a ticket to an amusement park and gets the ride of a lifetime—literally. The first day of middle school turns into a free-for-all when the gym teacher offers a “get-out-of-gym-free” card. Sick of his sister’s vampire wannabe friends, a kid decides to teach them a lesson at their next party. But the tables are turned when some surprise guests show up.

Critically acclaimed author and master of the macabre, David Lubar, is back with thirty more warped and creepy tales for fans of his bestselling Weenies story collections, which have sold more than 1.7 million copies to date.

Don’t be a weenie. Read these stories. If you dare!

About David Lubar:
David Lubar is a genuinely funny guy who spent several years programming computer games. He has published several novels for young readers, including Flip, Wizards of the Game and Hidden Talents. Born in New Jersey, David now lives in Pennsylvania with his wife, his daughter, and three cats.

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