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A signed picture book pack (ANTS CAN’T DANCE and THE SEVEN SEAS) by author Ellen Jackson

Donated by: Ellen Jackson

Here's a great opportunity to take home a pair of signed picture books for the little zombies in your life! And there's a talking peanut in there that made me laugh SO HARD. NOM NOM NOM!

Prize details:
The winner will receive signed hardcovers of ANTS CAN'T DANCE and THE SEVEN SEAS by Ellen Jackson.

Between the two of them Jonathan's parents know almost everything. They certainly know that ants can't dance, as they tell Jonathan repeatedly. And this ant won't dance for them, even with a record of "Tea for Two" playing.

When Jonathan finds a talking peanut the next day, he can't wait to show it to his mother and father. But, as the peanut explains to Jonathan, it's shy--and a little nutty--and it doesn't say a word to his parents,

It's a different story, though, when Jonathan finds a whistling stone that won't keep quiet...

When a young student begins to daydream in the middle of a geography lesson, his imagination carries him away on an adventure--by boat, by train, by mule, and by yak. As he searches out each of the seven seas, he discovers a colorful and hilarious world that no teacher could have imagined.

Bright, whimsical paintings from Bill Slavin and Esperanca Melo perfectly combine with Ellen Jackson's humorous rhymed verse to take readers on an unforgettable, rollicking trek to the seven seas and beyond.

About Ellen Jackson:
Ellen grew up as a middle child, sandwiched between two brothers--Michael Jackson (no, not that one) and David Jackson (older, wiser, and unfortunately stronger) and a very disturbed cocker spaniel. Now she's an award-winning author who lives in California, about a block from a very nice (and often deserted) beach. She has one very smart husband, two talented step-children, and one cute dog.

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