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An unabridged audio book of EDGES by Lena Roy

Donated by: Lena Roy

Books like this really kill me, and that's not meant to be a zombie pun. This is one of those books that you can't look away from, and it leaves you thinking long after the last page is turned. I'd strongly recommend EDGES to fans of Laurie Halse Anderson or Ellen Hopkins. Guys, Lena is MADELINE L'ENGLE's granddaughter. She is plenty cool on her own, but this means that when we meet in person, I will be trying for a hair sample in the hopes that I might be able to sequence some L'Engle DNA.

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Prize details:
The winner will receive an unabridged CD version of EDGES by Lena Roy.

About EDGES:
After his mother dies and his father begins drinking again, Luke decides to leave New York City. Though he’s just sixteen, he finds a job and friends in fantastic, otherworldly Moab, Utah—the last place his family was happy together.

Back in New York, eighteen-year-old Ava finally admits she has a drinking problem. But life doesn’t automatically get easier when she joins Alcoholics Anonymous.

When circumstances—or fate—bring Ava to Moab as well, she and Luke both must figure out how to heal their families and themselves.

About Lena Roy:

When not writing and spending time with her family, Lena is teaching creative writing workshops for kids and teens from 8-18 in both NYC and Westchester with Writopia Lab. Her inspiration and touchstone is her late grandmother, author Madeleine L’Engle, who was able to transform the solitary nature of writing into a sacred sense of community where her art and the art of others could flourish.

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