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A blog design package from Parajunkie

Are you getting ready to take the blog plunge, or do you have a blog that makes you wince when you take a look? I know this feeling. I had a plain white website for the longest time, with a big orange header at the top. Trust me when I say that a pretty design makes it a lot more fun to update--and now's your chance to get one thanks to the awesomely talented Parajunkie! If you've spent any time on book blogs, chances are good that you've seen one of her designs. She's everywhere, because she's just that good.

Prize details:
The winner will receive a blog design package that includes a custom blog template and a blog promo button.

About Parajunkie:
Parajunkee Design is run by Rachel Rivera. It is a sole proprietorship. Rachel's background includes over 12 years in design and marketing. She's worked as a Marketing Coordinator for Fortune 500 companies and as a Design Manager in larger advertising agencies. She's also worked for small business where she is the Marketing Department. She has a lot of experience and is extremely creative.

Take a closer look at her work here!

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