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A full manuscript critique from agent Weronika Janczuk

I think I squealed out loud when the lovely Weronika Janczuk responded that she'd love to look at a full manuscript for Night of the Giving Dead. This is a great opportunity to get some big picture feedback on what's working and what isn't--all you need to have is a completed manuscript in good form of under 100,000 words. What this means (and it's really a good rule in general) is that it's really in your best interest to revise as much as you can before you send it in! That way, all the easy stuff is out of the way, and you get feedback on things that will really be helpful to you rather than "Um...maybe you should try spell check?" You will certainly get LOADS of terrific feedback with this prize!

Prize details:
The winner will receive a full YA manuscript critique by agent Weronika Janczuk of Lynn C. Franklin Associates!

About Weronika Janczuk:

Weronika Janczuk (pronounced: Veronica Janchuck) is an agent with Lynn C. Franklin Associates, Ltd., in addition to being a writer, student, lit mag editor (x2), Pole, and more.

Both Weronika’s love for writing and her love of reading contributed to her professional interest in publishing. Her career began in 2009, where she interned with Brian Farrey at Flux/Llewellyn in Minneapolis/St. Paul. She also worked in different capacities with Jenny Bent at The Bent Agency, Kathleen Anderson at Anderson Literary Management, Mary Kole at Andrea Brown Literary Agency, and Bob Diforio at D4EO Literary Agency (where she also agented).

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