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Signed copies of A GOOD KNIGHT'S REST and A COLD WINTER'S GOOD NIGHT by Shelley Moore Thomas, plus mini bookmarks and dragon puppets

Donated by: Shelley Moore Thomas

I feel so lucky to have some of my favorite picture books here at Night of the Giving Dead, and this is no exception. My son loved these books so much that I finally had to FORCE him to read something else at night. And these come with finger puppets. The only thing better would be if Shelley boxed herself up and delivered herself along with the prize.

I can dream.

Prize details:

The winner will receive signed hardcovers of A GOOD KNIGHT'S REST and A COLD WINTER'S GOOD KNIGHT, along with dragon finger puppets and mini bookmarks.

The Good Knight needs a good vacation. But when his three rascally dragon friends tag along for the trip, relaxation quickly becomes impossible. Just before the Good Knight snaps and does something very not good, the dragons realize their friend needs a break, and they prepare him a nice, restful hideaway-at home. It's a fun-filled road-trip comedy perfect for any kid who's ever asked, "Are we there yet?"

On a cold winter's night a festive ball is underway. Three little dragons make their way to the cozy castle. They have the best of intentions at the fancy party, but the clumsy trio bumbles about on the dance floor, trips by the punch bowl, and finally crashes into the fireplace. Soon the party is a shambles and the whole castle is in an uproar! But never fear--the Good Knight is ready to set all to right in his funniest outing yet.

About Shelley Moore Thomas:
Shelley became a teacher (what better excuse to read tons of kids stories every day?) She got married to a wonderful prince and had three charming and lovely princesses. Somewhere along the way, she discovered that she was born from an ancient royal line of velvet wearing, crown sporting, bedazzled storytellers who use puppets to make their stories come alive. Yes, it was quite a shock, but she made peace with her destiny.

Writing and storytelling seem to go hand and hand. So, when she's not dressed as the most royal thing this side of the Mississippi, she's working on her next book!

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